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Cobian Backup is a powerful and efficient data backup scheduler
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Luis Cobian

Cobian Backup is a powerful solution to backing up your important data. One aspect that makes this program different from other applications created for the same purpose is the fact that it uses scheduled tasks in order to create data backups. Moreover, it requires just few system resources in order to work properly.

With an increasing need for data security, a lot of applications have been developed for this purpose. But many of them come with various limitations, high prices and other flaws that might “repel” the users. Cobian Backup, on the other hand, comes as a free program that offers an easy way of creating data backups.

I find it extremely useful that Cobian Backup allows you to create tasks for specific backup actions. You can schedule them afterward to run at specific moments of time. The destination for the backup copy can be another location on your hard drive, a network computer, or even an FTP server.

Additionally, the software also includes tools, such as: decrypter, deleter, encoder, decompressor, translator, remote manager, etc. They will ensure that your data is safely encrypted and secured.

I must mention that no Help manual is available offline. The program documentation can be accessed only on the developer’s website.

Cobian Backup is supported on both 32- and 64-bit systems, and I kindly recommend it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • Includes a reliable scheduler
  • Supports FTP backup


  • The Help manual is available only online
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